21 March 2015

MCT - Ulteriori miglioramenti alle infrastrutture

In order to ensure the flexibility to berth the increasing number of deeper draft ship with improved safety, the dredger “Volvox Atalanta” arrived on March 20th, assigned to continue work in accordance with the Port Authority project plan to ensure water depth in the turning basin and navigational channel of a minimum of 18.00 m throughout.

Volvox Atalanta will also take the opportunity to perform some specific maintenance dredging to ensure the water depth of 16.00 m along the 1.800 m berth length.

Currently MCT provides a 480 m berth at 18.00 m water depth, 350 m at 17.00, 1,800 m at 16.00 m, 300 m at 14.00 m. There will be a further dredging programme to ensure the current 14.00 m water depth is further upgraded to provide 17.00 m.

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