13 May 2015

MCT mantiene la posizione nella classifica di produttività

Members of the global supply chain continue to exceed the boundaries, with record performances and achievements now commonplace. Bigger ships in every sense, bigger cranes, bigger volumes, higher productivity et alia.

Contship Italia Group’s, Calabria transhipment hub in the port of Gioia Tauro retains its position in the global performance league - benefitting from world class infrastructure its performance record ranks well amongst its peers.  With a single record performance of 215 moves per hour (mph) achieved as far back as 2000 and more recently 224 mph in 2011, Medcenter Container Terminal and its customers facilitate global trade using the boot of Italy as a regional platform, supported by a regular and consistent output.

Global shipping lines demand and expect consistent performances – this week, as it has done week in, week out, the MCT team (succeeded) again in achieving a now normal “demand” of ensuring 3,000 moves are performed in a single day.

Domenico Bagalà, Managing Director explains….”We are entrusted by our valued customers with ULCC ship calls on a weekly basis and have done since 2009. The largest global network, 2M, hubs both the Asia and USA trades here, as well as our long established number two in the global shipping line rankings, also selecting MCT as one of its major hub centres. The challenge is to satisfy these demands and this is typified by another achievement on May 11 / 12 when the ULCC MSC Irene arrived at berth at 06:55 hrs. Performing first lift / last lift at 07:15hrs – 08:40hrs at a real production rate of 178 mph for some 3,400 contact moves, comfortably in excess of a targeted 24 hour output of 3,000 moves, as suggested by industry commentators as being the target benchmark level. The MCT team here, understands these needs and we are here to serve. The Mediterranean has its own challenging attributes, as well as Italy. MCT is both in the Med and in Italy – but our performance outputs are consistently in the global premier league, if we are to follow the observations in the business”.


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