26 May 2015

MCT: continua la stagione degli Yacht di lusso

Italy retains its strong brand and manufacturing reputation in global markets – consumers everywhere are very familiar with the famous names and demand for high value continues.

Contship Italia Group’s mega transhipment hub in the port of Gioia Tauro continues to support Italian manufacturing in 2015 as it has done repeatedly throughout the years, with regular and seasonal shipments of luxury marine craft.

Medcenter Container Terminal, with an extensive global network, serves directly on a weekly basis, Asia, North and South America Continents, Caribbean , Arabian Gulf, Indian Sub-Continent , Australasia markets perhaps making it a popular but logical location to be the final export load port for Italian exports.

The 2015 “Yacht Season” kicked off during March, since which there have been regular shipments , the latest of which took place on May 22nd with the direct transfer from water to ship of a luxury motor yacht bound for the far off market of Sydney, Australia.

Carmine Crudo, MCT’s Director of Operations, with specific responsibility for operations explains “ …. Clearly high volume transhipment remains our core business as well as having an increasing importance with regional gateway volumes. Yachts and project cargo have always been a feature of our activity here at Medcenter, having built up a certain level of expertise throughout the years. This “cargo” is usually high end value, requiring a meticulous planning and detailed knowledge in special handling requirements. Each piece is different – having different weights, dimensions and centre of gravity…..”   

Customer satisfaction was expressed on this occasion, by Riccardo Fioravanti (http://www.fioravanti.com) responsible for co-ordinating the shipment from point of manufacturing to final destination. Praise indeed for the work of MCT multi - skilled personnel.

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