8 June 2016

Maiden Call al CICT – Anche un nuovo cliente tra i “debuttanti”

Three maiden calls in less than a week, together with the new comer Seago Line commencing business at Contship’s Sardinian hub.  


On June 2nd m/v Meta arrived at the terminal. The ship is deployed by Seago Line, a welcome new comer to the portfolio of the Sardinian hub valued customers.

Already operating at other maritime terminals of Contship Italia, the Copenhagen-based specialist short sea operator has established an extensive intra-Med and North European network. Seago Line is deploying one ship, m/v Meta, in the joint and long-established Aegean Spain service, also known as ASA, a string connecting Cagliari to the west and eastern shores of the Med.

The following day, Hapag Lloyd-operated m/v Detroit Express made her debut in Sardinia, with CICT managing successfully her phase-in in the Mediterranean Canada Express service (MCA).

Last but not least, certainly in terms of nominal capacity with her 9,034 TEUs, m/v San Christobal on June 7th. The ship is deployed by Hamburg Sued in the EPIC service, linking Cagliari to both North Europe and the Indian Sub-continent.

Franco Cupolo, Managing Director adds his own personal welcome: “We welcome all new ship calls , masters and crew members here in Cagliari into the Sardinian family. During these days, the team is proud to serve a new customer and I trust that Seago will feel “at home”, fully satisfied as we work together, taking care of each other as family members, to develop new opportunities, together.”


Pictured in the photo gallery are all three ships, while being operated in Cagliari.



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