The “Mah Jong”: back to origins in Terminal Container Ravenna | Contship | English
10 July 2019

The “Mah Jong”: back to origins in Terminal Container Ravenna

Filmmaker Gerardo Lamattina is working on a new movie titled “The Dragon of Romagna” which is focused on the story of the Mah Jong game which landed in Ravenna during the 20th century, imported by Chinese ships docking at the port.


The Director chose Contship’s Terminal in Ravenna to shoot part of the movie. TCR President Giannantonio Mingozzi states: “we’re delighted to see that the Director chose Terminal Container Ravenna as the shooting location for the unique story of Mah Jong – this is where the game started its diffusion. The Mah Jong was a forerunner, transported via the silk road. This shows us that connections between Ravenna and Shanghai actually commenced more than one hundred years ago”.

Lamattina selected Dilva Ragazzini to embody the main character; “we chose TCR for one of the most significant scenes in the movie, shooting in an environment characterized by cranes and port activity. Containers actually resemble the Mah Jong pawns on the gaming table”.

As China opened its doors in the beginning of the 19th century, the Mah Jong quickly spread along populations on the main commercial routes reaching the Americas, Europe and Ravenna in particular, which confirms the strong commercial synergies with our region since the early days.

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