3 May 2021

LSCT safely lifts 75ton yacht from water to container ship

Between 30 April and 2 May 2021 the Break Bulk & General Cargo Team of La Spezia Container Terminal undertook a very delicate operation – the loading of a Magellano yacht built by luxury Italian shipyard Azimut.


Between 30 April and 2 May 2021, the Break Bulk and General Cargo team of LSCT’s Operational Department embarked on the Al Masharab, a special cargo ship, to load the 27 meter, 75-ton yacht Azimut Magellano.

The yacht weighing 75tons and 25m in length, was successfully handled from the water and secured on the deck of the 15,000 TEU containership Al Mashrab, destined for Hong Kong. The ship, operated by Hapag-Lloyd, is one of eleven deployed on THE Alliance MD2 service connecting Asia with the Mediterranean.  



The entire loading operation lasted less than one shift and followed a precise schedule, including the mobile crane, divers and lashing activities all managed by the team of eight specialists from LSCT.

The mega yacht was berthed astern of the 368m containership and was lifted from the water by a mobile crane using special straps and placed onto a custom-built cradle to safely secure the hull and keel. Once loaded and secured on to the deck, the operation was completed with specialized technicians fitting a thermoplastic protective film covering the entire yacht.

LSCT has a long history of handling luxury yachts of all wights and sizes, to and from all parts of the world and is one of the value-added services available for all customers.


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