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26 June 2015

LSCT: report progressi ammodernamento gru - Giugno 2015

LSCT technical team continues to be busy with the on-going crane upgrade project

LSCT technical team continues to be busy with the on-going crane upgrade project, with the final pieces now being put in place, with the exclusive objective of improving service deliverables to our valued customers.

In following the numerous progress reports in 2015 ( March, April, May ) shortly before and since the physical arrival of new cranes, a number of internal transfers, now measured in of thousands of tonnes of steel have been made.  The enclosed photos trace the progress of original crane no.1 placed into position to undergo a complete upgrade on March 19th. Originally a 16 row crane, the unit will be re-engergized to become a thoroughly modern 20 row crane of the same technical specification of 6 existing 20 row units all of which are able to be deployed on ULCC ships of 14,000 TEUs and more (16,600 TEUs ship successfully operated February 2015).

From June 18th to June 20th engineers and technicians performed the substantial work of increasing the crane leg height, with the insert of an additional 7.50 m structure. Additional work will proceed throughout the summer period, after which the “new” crane shall emerge for deployment from the fourth quarter.

Meanwhile the new 23 row cranes are entering their final phase of commissioning. They are already in the position on Fornelli East berth, having been discharged onto the West berth on arrival. Presently there are seven cranes located on East.

Paolo Mussi, leading the technical team comments: ”Now definitely, and not just because of the arrival of summer, it is a hot period for the technical team. It is difficult to describe the feeling in over-seeing, at the same time the growing of a newborn and the re-birth of an older generation. The new-buildings are under-going their final health checks, for a long and prosperous life, whilst the older is being prepared to re – live its life.  Shortly the family will be able to celebrate the christening!”

Watch this space for a special double christening, very shortly!



In the following scheme, the movements of the new cranes (in red) and the revamped crane no.1. (in blue).



1 – Point of discharge of the new cranes

2 – Temporary location chosen for the commissioning of the two new cranes

3 – Final location of the new cranes

4 – Former location of crane no.1

5 – Crane no.1 temporary revamping location

6 – Future location of revamped crane no.1



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