14 July 2020

LSCT operational offices upgrade

La Spezia Container Terminal recently inaugurated its new operational offices, which are the result of the reorganization of the old control room, the YSOP (planning department), and Yard & Rail offices, as well as the creation of a new meeting room.


The goal of this office restyling, completed as scheduled, thanks to the commitment of the team, is to offer a work environment that fits the needs of the operational department, who works 24/7 in this area.

Particular care has been put in the ergonomics of the workstations, now featuring a flexible layout: with a simple click the control room desk can now be lifted, adjusting the height to alternate between sitting and standing position. Each workstation is certified for continuous use, a necessary feature, as it will be used 24/7, 362 days each year, by different operators and across multiple shifts.

We dedicated special care to space management, furnishing and lighting of the office, important elements to facilitate both focus and concentration as well as relax and interaction, and to improve workers’ efficiency and comfort.

We choose to inaugurate the new offices as soon as possible, even if some details are still missing: we want to get back to the workplace, after a long period of smart working, to bring life back to the office and improve the comfort of the workplace, in compliance with the latest regulations related to the COVID-19 emergency. From hardship come new opportunities: for us, this new control room will be a symbol of the recovery” comments Alfredo Scalisi, La Spezia Container Terminal Managing Director.


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