14 January 2015

LSCT da il benvenuto alla UASC Jilfar

La Spezia Container Terminal (LSCT) welcomed the maiden call, on Sunday January 11th 2015, of the m/v UASC Jilfar, a 300 metres long ULCC weighing at 112,171 DWT.


The m/v UASC Jilfar is a newly built ship – delivered in 2014 by South Korean Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries – currently deployed by UASC S.A.G. on the jointly run AMC1 service, connecting the Far East to the Mediterranean. m/v UASC Jilfar has now replaced a smaller unit previously deployed on the AMC1, resulting in an upgrade of the service in terms of overall capacity as the string prepares to evolve into a new network .

Berthed alongside Fornelli East berth, the Liberian flagged ULCC was handled with no operational delay to schedule. Whilst load and discharge activities were taking place, customer service manager Roberto Scotto hosted the traditional ceremony for welcoming maiden calls in La Spezia. Ship Captain Kotwadkar Nadeem Sharfuddin and UASC local Port Captain Mattia Anselmo were both presented with a customized crest by Roberto Scotto, honouring a now long-running practice. m/v UASC Jilfar sailed from LSCT in the early hours of January 13th.

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