14 February 2022

LSCT awarded EcoVadis Silver Medal for Corporate Social Responsibility performance

EcoVadis rates LSCT amongst the top 25 percent of its appraised companies 



Confirming its commitment to respond to challenges related to sustainability, La Spezia Container Terminal, part of Contship Italia Group, has entrusted EcoVadis with the evaluation of its performance in terms of corporate sustainability.

EcoVadis is the world's largest and most trusted provider of corporate sustainability assessments and boasts a global network of over 75,000 rated companies.

The evaluation survey assessed 4 areas of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Environment, Labor Practices and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Purchasing, with the aim of verifying existing company policies as well as the presence of any certifications.

With a result of 62 points, LSCT is now placed within the 86th percentile, that is to say that its score is greater than or equal to that of 86% of all companies evaluated by EcoVadis.

The field of analysis with the highest score is Ethics, the strongest contribution of which stemming from procedure audits by external companies.

As for the Environment, one of LSCT’s strengths is the existence of the ISO 14001 Certification and the implementation of environmental policies focusing with so-called relevant issues, such as energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

In the area of Labor Practices and Human Rights, ISO 45001 Certification and the provision of protective equipment to all employees are particularly relevant in awarding notable scores.

Last but not the least, within the sphere of Sustainable Purchasing practices, a strong key point is the existence of global sustainable procurement policies focusing on both social and environmental factors.

The EcoVadis evaluation was also deemed as an opportunity to evaluate the company’s current state so as to identify any areas and initiatives for improvement. The final objective is that of being awarded excellence score.

Amongst the areas for improvement, LSCT is particularly committed to streamline internal processes, focusing on digitalization, on strengthening inclusion policies and management of diversity, as well as continuing its mission to reduce the environmental footprint through the introduction of increasingly sustainable practices and solutions.

"With this assessment and positive outcome thereof, conducted by one of the most renown external companies, La Spezia Container Terminal once again confirms its position a step ahead of the competition. A leadership position in the terminal sector confirmed not only at national level. All of the LSCT staff continues to get involved to offer valuable services, in an increasingly sustainable manner. It is our will to pursue further improvement and spread the awareness within all of our business processes, for the ultimate benefit of our customers, employees and suppliers ", commented Alfredo Scalisi CEO of La Spezia Container Terminal





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