1 April 2021

La Spezia Container Terminal breaks its all-time record for movements on a single ship

4,548 crane moves performed on the MSC Altamira : LSCT breaks the record for highest number of containers handled in a single call


At the end of last month Contship Italia’s flagship terminal rose once more to the challenge with a record-breaking performance on the MSC Altamira.

A total of 4,548 crane lifts were performed in the call, equivalent to 7,345 TEUs handled, split 60% / 40% for imports and exports.

The performance set a new benchmark and broke the previous record set in 2018 (4,335 container moves performed on Nyk Swan). As evidence of the current busy times, the 2018 record was again broken a few days after the MSC Altamira call, on the MSC Charleston with 4,141 moves performed.

Both ships are deployed by MSC in the MedGulf/TA6 service, operated by 2M, connecting La Spezia with ports in Mexico and the US Gulf, including Freeport in the Bahamas.

This achievement reconfirms LSCT position as the reliable gateway port for Italian and South European supply chains, supporting its customer networks and their demand.

Alessandro Pellegri, operations manager of LSCT, commented how “...the outstanding throughput figures a third of which moved via rail, is highly encouraging for LSCT, and not only from a market recovery point of view with the long-awaited diminishing consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. These circumstances put LSCT to the test, with our customers relying on our capabilities to manage extraordinary volume calls. And being able to succeed as we do, further demonstrates the efficiency of our operational teams, both at quay and yard side, as well as the La Spezia system as a whole“.



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