1 August 2022

Level II supplementary agreement signed

More purchasing power and growth for LSCT worker

It came six months before the expiry of the contract, the signing of the 2nd level integrative agreement between La Spezia Container Terminal and the Trade Union Representatives of Cgil, Cisl and Uil and their Territorial Secretariats. This is a sign of strong understanding, cohesion and commitment towards the workers of La Spezia Terminal.

An agreement that provides concrete answers to workers' expectations and needs through economic and welfare measures aimed at improving working conditions and professional development.

In particular, the document establishes a result bonus linked to the Company's productivity criteria by including a 'productivity indicator' (teus/hours worked).

An innovative 'efficiency indicator' was then identified, which responds to the need to limit the stay of trucks in the port in order to decongest the resulting traffic: the terminal's operational staff will in fact also be measured by the truck transit time (average cycle time within the truck terminal). This will improve the port's efficiency, work more safely and provide a concrete response to traffic problems.

Specific rewards have been foreseen for the staff of the administrative offices linked to the achievement of dedicated performance targets.

A bonus linked to a decrease in the work accident frequency index was also introduced, the Parties recognised the absolute importance of working safely.

The agreement also contemplates measures linked to increasing the purchasing power of individual workers with the provision of meal vouchers to all employees.

In addition, a substantial regulatory part was signed which, among other things, provides for an incentive system to recognise the professionalism of operational staff.

"We are pleased to have reached this agreement," explained Contship Italia Human Resources Director, Luca Trevisan, "which significantly enhances the quality of the working conditions of the employees of La Spezia Container Terminal, putting together the needs of the individual with those of the company and sharing, with all the Company Trade Union Representatives and the relative Territorial Secretariats of FILT/CGIL, FIT/CISL UILTRASPORTI/ UIL a rewarding and improving system. An agreement that comes early, thanks to teamwork, continuous and constructive negotiation and discussion that started early. The negotiations also had moments of bitter and fair confrontation, but the result for the workers and the company is such that it constitutes a balanced precondition for the development of the Port of La Spezia."

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