28 September 2018

Lamprecht and Lindt & Sprüngli visit the Contship gateway terminal in La Spezia

On Wednesday September 26th, Contship La Spezia terminal hosted a delegation of supply chain professionals, representing the Swiss forwarder Lamprecht and the famous chocolate producer Lindt & Sprüngli.


The delegation visited La Spezia Container Terminal to learn more about La Spezia System operations and the Southern Gateway option, which provides Swiss and European cargo owners an increasingly interesting alternative for cargo import and export, especially from Asia and to the US.

Representatives of the Contship Italia Group (Roberto Scotto, LSCT Customer Care Manager, Franco Placa, Hannibal Deputy General Manager and Daniele Testi, Contship Italia Marketing & Communications Director) once again took the opportunity to underline the operational and commercial advantages of the "Southern Gateway" option, and the possible tangible savings associated with the reduction of inventory costs, thanks to shorter end-to-end transit times.

"Having two heavyweights like Lamprecht and Lindt & Sprüngli here in La Spezia is a great pleasure for us”  – said Daniele Testi – “these visits are important to show the hardware of our integrated logistics system (operating area, platform equipment and yard) also giving visibility to the software side, that is the myriad of activities, processes and interactions, which make such a complex structure operational and efficient.

It is very comforting to see the growing interest of cargo owners in sustainability issues: today more and more large companies are inserting reorganization of their supply chain among their strategic business goals. This also means a larger use of the intermodal option which is more balanced and sustainable in the long term - not only from an environmental point of view.

The results we are collecting today are the outcome of work that has been ongoing for many years, and which sees the Contship Italia Group operating on several fronts alongside local, regional and national institutions, to promote new business opportunities and fully enhance the international vocation of the La Spezia terminal and the Southern Gateway option ".


Are you a cargo owner or a freight forwarder, interested in visiting La Spezia Container Terminal and learn more about intermodal logistics solutions available there, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!


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