30 May 2019

La Spezia: extension of Garibaldi pier kicks off

The President of the Eastern Ligurian Port Authority, Ms. Carla Roncallo and the President of the Contship Italia Group, Ms. Cecilia Battistello - currently covering the role of La Spezia Container Terminal Vice-Presiden - signed an agreement today for the kick off of the extension of the East side of Garibaldi Pier. The development project is part of the LSCT public concession.

With this deed, the Ligurian Port Authority gives the concessionaire permits to work on the water surface where the expansion project will take place, and to start procurement biddings for the project - which is planned and completed with all necessary authorizations. The expansion project is fundamental for the future development of the terminal activities.

The Garibaldi Pier extension, seabed dredging and filling of the Marina del Canaletto area (project already ongoing) will allow the La Spezia port to exploit new spaces and greater water depth which will allow to operate approximately 2.5 million more boxes. The Port Authority, in parallel, is working on the rearrangement of the rail infrastructure, which will be of fundamental importance to move cargo via train allowing La Spezia to efficiently serve the main Italian and European markets.



Cecilia Battistello and Carla Roncallo 2019



”It is a very important day for our Port. It outlines that the Contship Italia Group has strong interest in investing resources in our terminal” explained Port Authority president Carla Roncallo. “The effects of this activity will also positively impact the cruise industry and the city’s waterfront, since the Paita area will be cleared to create a new pier space for cruise ships”.

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