7 September 2016

La CMA CGM fa il suo ingresso a Cagliari – un nuovo atto per l’opera del CICT!

On Tuesday September 6th 2016, Cagliari International Container Terminal (CICT) welcomed the on time debut of m/v CMA CGM Tosca. With 8,488 TEUs in capacity and part of the French liner’s ‘opera series’, the ship is named after the famed work of art by Giacomo Puccini.


M/v CMA CGM Tosca is deployed in the EPIC 2, a long-lasting service at Cagliari, connecting Sardinia to North Europe, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent through weekly westbound and eastbound calls. With the introduction of CMA CGM, the service now counts three vessel operating partners. 

To mark the occasion, a customized crest was presented to a member of the crew. M/v CMA CGM Tosca’s chief officer Benard Thomas and here pictured with CICT’s planner Mario Defrassu, holding the memento for the ship’s maiden call. M/v CMA CGM Tosca was cleared for departure the next day, respecting schedule.


Would you like to know more about CICT connectivity? Check out the new connectivity tool:


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