19 November 2015

L’offerta logistica Contship, con Hannibal e RHM, a Intermodal Europe - Hamburg

Contship Italia Group at Intermodal Europe Hamburg with Hannibal, the Group Multimodal Transport Operator, and RHM – Rail Hub Milano, the logistic platform providing extended access to North Italy, South, Central and North Europe.


For the Group, the event represents a great opportunity to promote the Southern Gateway option, serving North Italy and South Europe. Daniele Testi – Contship Director of Marketing & Corporate Communication held a speech on Tuesday November 17th,  proving with facts and figures that Italy is no longer just a place to go on holiday and Contship system is driving the change. By illustrating the recent improvements of the intermodal network and customs activities, including the “single window”, clearance at sea and fast customs corridors, Contship is committed to inform the business community of the positive effects such alternative routing can offer to Far East – Europe main trades.

As an example, Contship Italia intermodal network is providing Swiss market, with alternative rail transport solutions for the cargo exchanged via sea with Far East and other “East of Suez” markets which can achieve savings up to 6-7 days on the total transit time. Thus resulting in reduced “end to end” inventory cost for the benefit of shippers and cargo owners.

Daniele Testi comments: “Contship is committed to promote the advantages of the Southern Gateway option; we believe the increased interest is the result of multiple factors, adding up: the ability to accommodate ultra large container carriers in Contship ports, the time and fuel savings enabled by the shorter sea route, the proven efficiency and reliability of Contship intermodal solutions for north Italy, central and south Europe, and the current evolution of the Shanghai Containerized Freight Index, where Mediterranean rates are currently aligned with the ones of the Northern Range ports as a consequence of the larger tonnage deployed by our valued customers, the shipping lines, in the main Asia-Med trade lanes. Furthermore, answering the increasing demand for eco-friendly transport solutions, also in this occasion expressed by several big shippers and industries, the Southern Gateway solution via La Spezia is enabling CO2, Nox /SO2 and PM (particulate matter) emissions savings, respectively up to 59%, 65% and 71%, compared to the northern gateway routing serving the Swiss market. Hannibal stand (Booth F70 - Hall A1) has been very busy, during the last two days, and we look forward to meet more business partners, offering a better understanding of our transport solutions, during the last day of the fair”.

For more info www.contshipitalia.com and www.thespice.it

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