25 March 2016

L’impegno del team MCT per rispondere alle sfide del Mercato Globale

Medcenter Container Terminal (MCT), Contship flagship mega transhipment hub in the port of Gioia Tauro, Reggio Calabria, Italy, understands that location and infrastructure are no longer 100 per cent guarantee of success. Additional capacity remains available, and the whole team is galvanised to welcome new opportunities, more permanent than responding to ad-hoc ship network emergencies, characterizing some aspects of the volume development during the first months of 2016.


Notwithstanding the much vaunted positive attributes that has placed MCT ahead of its time - cranes, water depth, more than 3 kilometers of continuous berth line, every single one of the MCT team is fully aware of the tough times that global shipping lines are facing, the fluctuating and uncertain demand and of utmost importance the level of competition from all ports is continuously increasing in its intensity. All of these points and more were self-evident, having been frankly and openly discussed directly, face to face with team members, just prior to Easter.

The Group Commercial Director spelled out the reality of the global environment in 2016 and beyond.

"The old guard is adapting to new realities. Port handling volumes increase, but newer ports and facilities are gaining at the expense of historical ports. MCT opened for business in 1995. In 2016 life has changed and will continue to change. MCT will adapt. It is vital that we share these developments with every single member of the MCT team. There should be no top, no bottom - management and workers are united in responding to the needs of our valued customers. Everyone is working towards the same goal. Worker representatives remain committed to service excellence. MCT will draw on its positive attributes in order to differentiate the product to the total market."

Cecilia Battistello, Group President, now assigned direct and specific responsibility for marine terminals, comments: "Our world has changed and now the Group has to follow. I take confidence from the fact that all of the team openly and transparently support each other to understand the extreme challenges that occur every day. Nonetheless, Contship remain convinced that, provided we are able to join our valued customers in embracing change, MCT will continue to serve the needs of global supply chains. The Management will continue to work with customers, existing and potential, to convince them that Gioia Tauro, with the full support of everyone in the MCT team, is the right place to serve their ship network requirements."


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