18 November 2020

The Jacket Pile Grippers destined to a Scottish wind farm set sail from TCR

Terminal Container Ravenna has been chosen as the embarkation port of 168 Jacket Pile Grippers, intended for the construction of an offshore wind farm off the Scottish coast.


The boarding operations of about 40 Jacket Pile Grippers have been completed in recent days at the Terminal Container Ravenna. The 40 Jacket Pile Grippers are part of a supply of 168 Jacket Pile Grippers, which will be used in an international project for the construction of a wind farm, located off the Scottish coast.

Jacket Pile Grippers are a particular type of component used during the installation of tripod-shaped jackets on which wind turbines are installed.

These are hydraulic devices that are welded to the lower section of the jacket during manufacturing. Once the jackets have been positioned on the foundations in the open sea, the grippers level the jacket and act as a temporary and safe connection during the consolidation phase of the lining.

The components were made by F.lli Righini Srl, an important Ravenna-based company of international standing, leader in the design and construction of mechanical systems, packages and equipment for the Oil & Gas, Offshore Wind and Offshore Decommissioning industries.

The shipment of the Jacket Pile Grippers has been entrusted to Terminal Container Ravenna as the embarkation port of the precious cargo, for several reasons. TCR, in fact, offers wide space for containerization, a competent team and a strong specialization in the management of break bulks and special cargo.

A further element of value is the partnership with Global Service, which manages the covered warehouse offering containerization services over an area of 20,000 square meters, within the terminal area, where it is possible to work oversize cargo.

"This project is very important to us as it allows us to increasingly affirm our presence on the Offshore Wind market, a rapidly developing sector. The Port of Ravenna is crucial for us as a shipping point for our products destined for international markets. In fact, the Port of Ravenna allows us to have a significant strategic and logistical advantage and the efficiency and professionalism of the Terminal Container Ravenna represents for us an added value for our competitiveness on international markets." the team manager of F.lli Righini declared.


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