27 March 2015

Impegno e lavoro di squadra al Medcenter Container Terminal

MCT is Contship’s largest container terminal in every sense: volume, area, berth, equipment and most importantly the number of employees. With a total roster exceeding 1,300, this is more than the combined number of personnel of the remaining group marine terminals. How does such a large group and variety of personalities view their tasks to support global shipping line? COMMITMENT and TEAMWORK !


Being a transhipment hub, whilst there is less interaction and communication scope with customers, nonetheless the success needed to process 3,000,000 TEUs involving 1,500 ship calls requires vital co-ordination both internally and externally and is only achieved by: COMMITMENT and TEAMWORK !

Roberto Gastaldo, responsible for all aspects of human resources at the terminal explains... “.. it is normal for companies to champion the value of its employees. But here we are in Reggio Calabria, Southern Italy, a location not particularly immediately recognized on a global scale, supporting global shipping lines to ensure the flow of goods in the global supply chain to and from the four corners of the globe. Perhaps our company managers are more immediately known by our customers, but I wish to ensure them all that our people, working behind the scenes are working with COMMITMENT and TEAMWORK.

The sense of achievement within the people is indeed palpable with the management’s continuous focus on ensuring that each and every person in the company is aware of the importance of our valued customers and the role that they individually play to support the global shipping lines. 

With such a large organization, there is no single function that is more or less vital than the other. Each of our functional teams contributes and is inter-dependent on the other. From office based teams of customer service, documentation, planning, to terminal based teams of crane drivers, straddle carrier drivers, the technical teams et alia, here in the South of Italy, our DNA is dominated by COMMITMENT and TEAMWORK.“

Domenico Bagalà, Managing Director concludes …”we are in a competitive business and our valued customers always have a choice. Transhipment is a transient activity depending on many factors and they have to find the right way to support their customers. We can never be complacent. But here in MCT, in addition to the world class infrastructure, we have our people who have COMMITMENT and TEAMWORK every shift, every day…”

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