23 February 2016

Il Team Medcenter a supporto dei network commerciali globali

The MCT Team continues to demonstrate its agility in responding to the needs of ULCC ship networks in the Mediterranean, ensuring that the seaborne behemoths deployed linking global supply chains are able to maintain their voyages. 


With some signs of the arrival of spring, winter in the Mediterranean remains, with ports in the region affected: ships continue to work 24/7, operations need to continue to overcome any interruptions.

Medcenter, itself no stranger to the effects of the extremes of a Mediterranean winter, remains ideally located due to its concentration of customer networks, world-class infrastructure and, above possesses a responsiveness recognized by global shipping lines, to go that extra mile.

The latest example of this “can do, will do approach” occurred during recent days, when bad weather resulted in the cancellation of some port calls, calling upon the MCT team to swing into action to handle additional thousands of containers, with minimum notice.

Nino Spezzano, keeping a watchful eye over daily operations at the terminal explains: “Winter can be far from benign in the region. January has already experienced a number of diversions to MCT. Indeed, we are not immune, but we keep going!  During these last few days, the people have responded extremely positively, as diversions to MCT continue with transhipments taking place from one service network ship to another, whilst both ships are under operation. The immediate transfer of more than one thousand containers requires precision planning and co-ordination, but the team have done it, minimizing the impact for our valued customers and more importantly, their customers. The remaining diverted volumes will be simply absorbed into the already extensive existing network, easily managed by the “MCT Team”, ensuring that rerouted containers are returned to their required destinations without losing too much additional time.”


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