19 January 2018

Il Presidente del Gruppo e il Presidente della Fondazione Cassa di Ravenna in visita al TCR

The President of the Cassa di Ravenna Group Antonio Patuelli and the President of the Cassa di Ravenna Foundation Ernesto Giuseppe Alfieri recently visited the Terminal Container Ravenna


The President of the Cassa di Ravenna Group Antonio Patuelli, together with the President of the Cassa di Ravenna Foundation have visited the Terminal Container Ravenna (TCR) in the morning of January 13th- the company is participated by the Sapir and Contship Italia Groups. Cassa di Risparmio di Ravenna is the major private investor in Sapir, whose Vice-President, Nicola Sbrizzi is the General manager of the ‘private and independent’ credit institute.

Mr. Patuelli and Mr. Alfieri have been chaperoned by Riccardo Sabadini - Sapir President, Giannantonio Mingozzi - TCR President, Milena Fico - TCR General Manager, and by TCR Operations Manager – Alessandro Battolini.


Cassa Ravenna Terminal


The meeting was a good occasion to showcase the vision of the strategic role of Sapir and TCR in the development of the port - leading sector of Ravenna’s and of the whole Emilia Romagna’s economy. It was also fundamental to underline how important it is to speed up dredging procedures of the Candian canal in order to face competitors of the Medium-High Adriatic.

TCR, company top management explains, is currently conducting a promotional campaign both in Italy and abroad, to prepare for the new opportunities that will be soon available as a consequence of the dredging procedures that will bring the water depth to -12.5 meters. The terminal invested 27 million Euros from 2013 up until last year – to purchase new quay cranes and to strengthen yard vehicles, and it is now ready to manage larger ships and increasing volumes. At the same time, the investments' aim is to deliver a better service for local importers and exporters, as the terminal is the main gateway in the Emilia Romagna region, and to optimize the supply chain of local cargos and goods.


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