4 April 2016

I network globali delle compagnie clienti puntano sul CICT per mantenere alta l’efficienza: continuano le operazioni di Phase in/out

As spring unfolds, Cagliari International Container Terminal (CICT) continues to provide efficiency to customer global networks. 


Since the start of the year, CICT teams have managed a number of Phase in-out operations already, with ‘PIO’ calls welcomed on the Mediterranean Gulf Express Service (m/v HS Caribe in and out, m/v Saigon Express out and Rio Charleston in, m/v Phoenix I out and m/v Seaspan Saigon in) and on the Mediterranean Canada Service (m/v Valencia Express phase out, m/v Milan Express in and m/v Genoa Express out), with further operations expected to be handled in the next months of 2016.

CICT managing director – Franco Nicola Cupolo – commented how “…we are following on from the trend witnessed in 2015 when a substantial number of PIO operations were performed throughout the year, all of them successfully completed. Customers have acknowledged the reliability of the service level provided by CICT. Phase in-out operations are optimized by means of the so-called direct connection, a live transfer of containers from one ship to another, requiring meticulous planning and co-ordination as the number one priority is always the safeguard of customer network integrity, and of course, a warm welcome to our guests who call Sardinia for the first time”.

Seen in the pictures is m/v Rio Charleston chief officer Manango Arenzana and Seaspan Saigon master Mohammed Munaf being presented with the customized crest by terminal planner Christian Marras. Captain Ranjan of m/v Genoa Express was welcomed by CICT dispatcher Matteo Mula. Pictured on the right are also moments of the various PIO operations handled by the CICT team.


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