16 January 2024

Hannibal increases frequency on the Melzo-Rotterdam connection

The multimodal transport operator of the Contship Group increases rotations and reaffirms its commitment to environmental sustainability.


Hannibal's rail service network continues to grow and strengthen: starting from February 5th, direct connections between the Rail Hub Milano terminal in Melzo and the Botlek terminal at the port of Rotterdam will increase from three to five, bringing the total weekly rotations to 15. The Botlek terminal, with its strategic location, is a crucial hub that allows relaunch and daily connections via ship with CLDN's Ro-Ro services to the United Kingdom.

The new schedule, reaching five daily departures in each direction, represents the highest train density operated by Hannibal on this dedicated line for craneable and non-craneable semi-trailers. On these connections, Hannibal can load semi-trailers, P400, tanks, and silos, as well as 40' and 45' containers.

"We are actively committed to strengthening services along this important route. The increase in rail traffic on the Melzo-Rotterdam Botlek CLDN line is a significant step in optimizing transport and ensuring flexibility and loading capacity for our customers through a daily service," says Andrea Spagnuolo, Business Development Manager at Hannibal.

Hannibal also reaffirms its commitment to decarbonizing the transport sector by shifting medium to long-distance transport from road to rail. "The Contship Group aims to be a reference partner for all customers looking to make their supply chain efficient and sustainable. We firmly believe that modal shift can significantly contribute to environmental sustainability. This development reflects our commitment to providing increasingly advanced and green transport solutions. For example, for each unit transported on this route, we reduce the average CO2 footprint by 50%," says Marzia Cicchetti, Global Account Manager at the Contship Group.

Rail traction is entrusted to SBB Cargo International, strengthening collaboration. SBB is indeed a consolidated partner of the Group, ensuring reliable and punctual rail traction services between the ports of the North Sea, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy.

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