18 May 2021

Hannibal awarded EcoVadis Silver Medal for CSR performance

With an above average score, Hannibal is among the top 25 percent of companies rated by EcoVadis


Confirming its commitment to responding to sustainability challenges, Hannibal, part of the Sogemar Group, has entrusted EcoVadis with the evaluation of its performance in terms of corporate sustainability.

EcoVadis is the world's largest and most trusted provider of corporate sustainability assessments and boasts a global network of over 75,000 rated companies.

The evaluation survey explores 4 areas of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Environment, Labor Practices and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Purchasing, with the aim of verifying existing company policies as well as the presence of any certifications.

With a result of 58 points, Hannibal is placed within the 80th percentile, that is to say that its score is greater than or equal to that of 80% of all companies evaluated by EcoVadis.

The field of analysis with the highest score is Ethics, with particular strength coming from the audits of procedures by external companies.

As for the Environment, one of Hannibal’s strengths is the existence of an environmental policy on relevant issues, such as energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

In the area of ​​Labor Practices and Human Rights, the provision of protective equipment to all employees was particularly crucial.

Finally, in the Sustainable Purchasing area, a key strong point is the existence of global sustainable procurement policies on both social and environmental factors.

The EcoVadis evaluation was also an opportunity to take a picture of the current situation, with the aim of identifying areas and initiatives for improvement, in order to aim for excellence.

Among these areas for improvement, the company focuses in particular on streamlining internal processes, with a focus on digitization, on strengthening policies for the inclusion and management of diversity and on the continuous reduction of environmental impact, through the introduction of increasingly sustainable solutions.

"With this evaluation - by an authoritative external body - Hannibal is once again confirmed as being a step ahead of its competitors in offering services of value in an increasingly sustainable way. Operating in the intermodal transport segment, and with an emphasis on the railway mode which is more environmentally efficient than other modes of transportation, the issue of sustainability is part of our DNA. We are proud of the results of this analysis but will always strive to do more to further build upon our strong CSR performance across all our business processes for the benefit of our customers, employees and suppliers ", commented Matthieu Gasselin, President of Hannibal and CEO of the Sogemar Group.


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