2 April 2020

Hannibal and DistriRail Webinar on intermodal opportunities between Italy and the Netherlands

Hannibal and DistriRail presented rail connectivity and intermodal options between Rotterdam and Melzo (Milan) to access Northern Europe and Northern Italy's main ports and logistics hubs, showcasing how combined transport can keep the European supply chain running smoothly and efficiently.


The scope of this webinar ( full video and slides available HERE ) was to present smart intermodal options available for intra-EU and short-sea tradesoperations details, loading capacity, and available solutions dedicated to dry and refrigerated cargo moving northbound and southbound, between Rotterdam and Northern Italy.

The webinar (held in English) has been introduced by Daniele Testi (Contship Italia Group Marketing Director) and moderated by Edward Ion (HelixPR Managing Director and former Asia Editor and Senior Correspondent of Lloyd’s List). The webinar panel included Nicolò Marrali (Hannibal Customer Care and Sales Manager)Dennis De Roo (DistriRail President) and Alessandro Battolini (Sales & Business Development Manager of Terminal Container Ravenna) who presented the main benefits offered by the frequent intermodal connections running between Milan (Melzo) and Rotterdam, with a special focus on refrigerated cargo and risk management opportunities provided by this strategic rail link between Northern and Southern Europe.



Hannibal-DistriRail Webinar on Italy-Netherlands intermodal opportunities

Click on the preview to access the full webinar video and the keynote



Contship Italia Group maritime and intermodal terminals continue to operate regularly amidst COVID-19 outbreak, supporting Italian, European and global supply chains through efficient gateway operations and intermodal transport solutions. Despite the deployment of nation-wide limitations to individuals circulation, put in place by the Italian Government to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak, logistics operations in Italy continue regularly, to ensure the vital flow of supplies, consumer and industrial products and imports. 

The sharp reduction in imports from China, due to the COVID-19 related lockdown, and the reduction of European exports, related to the contraction of global demand and the slow-down of production in many factories, are putting high stress on the European economic system, and logistics sector. The economic sustainability of logistics operations, in a scenario characterized by such a reduction of demand, is therefore threatened on multiple fronts.  

At the same time, cross-border trucking operations are starting to be hit by some limitations, put in place by the Member States to reduce the mobility of drivers. As a result, many Italian and European logistics operators are starting to look, with increased interest, at intermodal services, especially on the North-South corridor, to avoid delays and service disruptions. Rail transport, in this scenario, provides customers with the opportunity to move large volumes of cargo across borders, using local trucking services to manage first and last-mile deliveries.







Contship network, through its multiple intermodal solutions, continues to provide long-term partners with safe transport options, while offering new customers a resilient alternative, to manage risk and keep the supply chain running, during these difficult times.


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