25 August 2015

Grazie al supporto di MCT, i clienti sono liberi di... “Fare da Se“

On August 24th Medcenter Container Terminal, Contship Italia Group mega transhipment hub, involved itself in a different kind of  “DIY – Do It Yourself”. Intrigued? Then read on…


As well as transporting the millions of TEUs, supporting global supply chains, container ships themselves are indeed part of the supply chain, also needing logistic supply services.

Fuel and other lubricants have to be provided, crew members have to be transferred to and from the ship itself, fresh water, victuals – all requiring logistic services of some description.

Perhaps, one of the most importance logistical planning services required for a containership is its routine and periodical dry-docking. Just like a car, ships require to be maintained to ensure efficient operating performance. Key questions requiring detailed and bespoke planning involve where, when, how long and importantly what is needed and how to supply these needs.

One of the answers is “DIY”- for which a supply chain partner is required for support and events of August 24th witness MCT to step up from its traditional role of handling containers in transhipment to support the logistics supply chain of container ships own needs, when it handled an a vital piece of machinery, destined to be fitted during a dry-dock.

Previously arriving from Hamburg, a single propeller, weighing in at 61 k/tonnes was carefully placed on board the MSC Florentina by MCT experts, as normal commercial operations were completed and the ship due to temporarily exit from commercial operations to perform routine maintenance in the port of Constantza.

Carmine Crudo explains: ”Whilst MCT is well recognized for the handling of containers, there is also a regular flow of non-unitized cargo, such as boats and yachts of various descriptions, machinery and other bulk items. The handling of this propeller is therefore not, in itself unusual. But when we look deeper into its intended use, then yes, it does suggest a different interpretation of Do-It-Yourself!”


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