21 August 2015

Frisia e Sardegna: regioni lontane, ma con storia e tradizioni simili

On August 20th, Cagliari International Container Terminal welcomed for the first time the captain and crew of m/v Frisia Lubeck, a ship now deployed in the dedicated intra-Mediterranean trades, carrying both regional cargo and international cargo, linking into the global network calling at CICT, Contship Italia Group Med Hub.


In modern times, Sardinia is truly Italian, whilst Frisia encompasses Holland, Northern Germany and Denmark, both known for natural beauty, strong on tourism and their own indigenous culture. But far back in history, Sardinia and Frisia also had similarities, having their own individual dialect, culture, agriculture and maritime traditions.

The 2015 arrival of the M/V Frisia Lubeck restores these common links from the past and continues the shared maritime thread, both by name Frisia and the city port of Lubeck, as well as the now global connectivity that the Sardinian hub provides in ensuring intelligent solutions to serve global markets.


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