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27 April 2018

French CMA-CGM call Contship Ravenna

CMA-CGM’s “Contship Sun” docked in Contship Ravenna last night, on a new service that connects Ancona, Venezia Koper and Piraeus – in addition to Ravenna. CMA-CGM is currently the third biggest company in the cargo shipping industry


Present Giannantonio Mingozzi – TCR President – and Flavio Cirri - ASA Maritime Agency -  to welcome Capt. Mella Halem and First Officer Plomillo Reynaldo at the terminal.

A pleasing news from CMA-CGM for our Terminal” states Mingozzi while boarding the ship “that will allow faster and competitive connections along the route that connects Ravenna with Limassol and Cyprus, Alexandria, Beyrut and Mersin – all of which are ports of great interest from a commercial and logistics point of view. We therefore thank CMA-CGM for including a call in Ravenna in this important loop, and we thank our shareholders – SAPIR and Contship Italia – for continuous support.”

Contship Ravenna is actively committed to upgrading loading and unloading procedures, and is currently investing in new infrastructure and technology – actions which are currently making the port very competitive. The increasing intermodal connections with the group hub in Melzo, (currently three per week run by Hannibal added to the existing connections with Dinazzano), give the terminal streamlined national and international connections.

In the next days, another two ships owned by the French company and operating on the same route, will call Ravenna’s port – the “Contship Max” and the “AS Laetitia”.


To know more about Contship Ravenna’s network, visit our Connectivity Tool and ask for a quote:


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