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24 January 2019

Forty containers are leaving China on the new Melzo-Chengdu rail connection

The first westbound train connecting RHM terminal in Melzo with China, operated by FELB, left Chengdu on Saturday Januray 26th


The FELB (Far East Land bridge) train left the Chengdu terminal last Saturday, heading to Melzo RHM, Contship’s rail terminal situated in the East of Milan, carrying 40 containers with a transit time of 18 days.

The train will travel for over 10.000km, crossing eight countries on its journey, including Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic and Austria, before finally reaching Italy. Given the difference between European/Chinese and Russian rail gauges, the train will undergo two technical transfers, one on the boundary between Alashankou/Dostyk, and one in Brest/Malaszewicze.

It is the first recurring connection that aims at regularly linking China with Italy (every other week to start, and every week in the near future). The expected date of arrival is on the 12th of February and 40% of the incoming volumes are expected to processed and relaunched through Contship Hannibal’s rail network. The Eastbound Melzo-Chengdu trip is planned on week 9, covering the same routing with the same amount of containers.

On the next departures, the service will be also used for cargo headed to France and Swtizerland, as Hannibal will offer to FELB and its other clients the Melzo-Frenkendorf and Melzo-Lyon rail links, creating with FELB what will be an efficient corridor between China and South Europe.


To know more about the Melzo-Chengdu connection you can read the dedicated article here.

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