28 August 2020

The first special train from China, transporting surgical face masks for Italian schools, has arrived in Melzo

On Wednesday, August 26th, the first of ten special trains from Xi’an (China) has arrived in Melzo (MI) at Contship Italia Group Rail Hub Milano (RHM) terminal, transporting surgical face masks and “melt blow” fabric, an essential element for the production of further lots in Italy.


The extraordinary operation has been organized by the task force guided by the Special Commissioner Domenico Arcuri, in partnership with the Italian embassy in Beijing, and took advantage of the new intercontinental rail connections between China and Italy, which offer a faster transit time, compared to the traditional maritime shipping, and more capacity, at a lower cost, compared to air transport.

The first container has been inspected by Italian Customs Agency operators, supported by RHM personnel, and will be delivered to the final destination to be distributed across the country in the following weeks. The second train will arrive in Melzo on Saturday, August 29th.



Customs inspection at Rail Hub Milano



These PPEs will be a crucial element in the effort to contain the risks related to the COVID-19 crisis and will be destinated to Italian schools, which are preparing to receive millions of students for the beginning of the new school year, between the uncertainties related to the evolution of the epidemic and the desire to get back in the classrooms.

Rail Hub Milano confirms its role as a strategic logistics platform for the routing of intermodal trades, through the new intercontinental rail services, to and from China, as well as the many national and international rail connections, which allow RHM to act as a joint between maritime, continental and intercontinental trades, through which a large part of the consumer goods we use every day is imported and handled, and the Italian export is routed to reach the global markets.


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