21 June 2023

EcoVadis has awarded LSCT with the Silver Medal for its commitment to sustainability

The result places LSCT among the top-rated companies in the sector by the international rating agency



LSCT, part of the Contship Italia Group, has recently been awarded the EcoVadis Silver Medal. With a score of 68 points, the company ranked within the 92nd percentile, improving its previous evaluation of 62 points and positioning itself within the 86th percentile.

The silver medal rewards the company's commitment to adopting practices aimed at integrating sustainability into its culture and development strategy. The EcoVadis assessment is also crucial for identifying, in addition to strengths, areas for improvement and optimization of sustainability performance through improvement plans. Among these, LSCT focuses in particular on the continuous updating of internal processes, with a focus on digitization, the centrality of an effective health and safety policy, and the ongoing reduction of environmental impact, not only in terms of CO2 emissions but also noise emissions, which is particularly important for the La Spezia maritime terminal due to its proximity to the urban settlement.

" This is the confirmation of Contship Italia Group continuous activities towards increasingly sustainable logistics. The silver medal recognizes the efforts and progress made so far. I would like to thank all the colleagues who made this achievement possible and all the partners of the La Spezia port system, with whom I would like to share this recognition," said Matthieu Gasselin, CEO of the Contship Italia Group, who concluded, "We will continue to work in this direction, as our goal is to position ourselves as the reference partner for the entire supply chain."



EcoVadis is the world's first and largest platform for sharing information on sustainability performance in the supply chain. It is based on key international standards, such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and investigates four macro-areas of business: Environment, Labor and Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement

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