12 April 2018

Demolition operations of Ro-Ro wharf have started in Contship Ravenna Terminal

Demolition of the Ro-Ro Wharf in Contship Ravenna have now begun. The wharf covers 935 m2 and was used, up until a few years ago, for unloading containers and vehicles from Ro-Ro ships


The wharf has been basically disused in the last years, since new generation Ro-Ro ships are now supplied with a quarter ramp that allows operations to take place on any linear quay.

The Ravenna Terminal will boast a quay with no “interruptions” after operations have ended – this will enable optimal use of available spaces, along with the possibility to service bigger ships without any issues.

In the initial phase, tarmac covering the wharf will be lifted and removed. In the second phase of the operations, the entire reinforced concrete wharf will be “cut” off the quay in blocks, in order to avoid demolishing the blocks directly on the sea. After the wharf is removed, the supporting pillars will be extracted and demolished.



Ro Ro wharf in Terminal Container Ravenna

Top view of the Ro-Ro wharf on Terminal Container Ravenna quay




Ro-Ro wharf size in Terminal Container Ravenna

Details of the Ro Ro wharf size


“The operation is a very important for our Terminal” explains Terminal Technical director, Filippo Figna, “as the wharf is currently interrupting the linear extension of the quay, making it difficult to exploit the entire 670m which are available. Once demolition works are finished, we can offer clients a greater space and quay availability.”

Demolition of the entire wharf and pillars will take about five months overall, and Terminal Container Ravenna will carefully plan out and coordinate all operations, despite the obvious and necessary logistics adjustments, in order to avoid disruptions and to to keep offering an efficient and streamlined service, without impacting operations in the Terminal.


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