28 October 2015

Delegazione Contship Italia incontra i vertici di COSCO Container Lines

Contship Italia Group, led by Group President Cecilia Eckelmann-Battistello, was priveliged to be warmly received by members of COSCO Senior management team in Shanghai October 27th. Main subjects discussed included the respective Groups’ development plans for the Italian market and beyond.


Contship Italia Group delegation provided details of its investment plans, with specific emphasis on the substantial effort on improving its service product via the La Spezia System.

Cecilia Eckelmann-Battistello explains: “We are visiting Asia to convey our Group value proposition directly to the market. Naturally this includes our valued global shipping line family of customers, for which we count on COSCO, dearly. I have not visited Shanghai for a number of years, and I am amazed at how quickly it has evolved. Likewise, our own business has evolved, substantially, and I wish personally to ensure that the principle details are conveyed to the senior management and sincerely thank COSCO Senior Management for their time granted to us.”

Michael Cashman, Commercial Director Maritime Terminals concludes: “We have been working hard to differentiate our product. The Group strengths are to focus on door to door services, in this case port to door. La Spezia is now delivering a 21st century product, with efficiency gains enabling rapid processing of containers through the system. This not only includes Italian cargo, but also includes an extended reach into Southern Europe, where we are now able to offer to the market a substantially reduced end to end transit time, ensuring that for example Swiss volumes are able to achieve reduced inventory costs and an assured and reliable supply chain routing.”


Contship Italia Delegation comprised of: Cecilia Eckelmann-Battistello - Group President, Michael Cashman - Commercial Director, Giuseppe Fumelli - Management Control Director, Daniele Testi - Marketing & Corporate Communication Director, and Mr. Thomas Eckelmann, majority shareholder of Contship Italia.

COSCO Container Lines Co. Ltd – senior management: Mr. Wang Haimin  - Managing Director COSCO Container Lines Co. Ltd., Mr.Hu Hua – General Manager Europe Trade Division, Mrs.Wang Han – Deputy General Manager Europe Trade Division, Mr. Chen Yu – Manager Europe Trade Division Yield Management Department


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