15 June 2015

Delegazione ALDAI visita il Rail Hub Milano

Monday June 15th Contship Italia Group had the pleasure to host an ALDAI delegation (Associazione Lombarda Dirigenti Industriali) visiting Rail Hub Milano in Melzo. 


The meeting has been the occasion to present the guests with the results of the Group investments in Melzo intermodal platform and further illustrate the Southern Gateway Option for Italian and South Europe (namely Switzerland and Southern Germany) cargo and discuss the main challenges and opportunities for intelligent intermodal transport solutions in Italy and Europe.

The guests, 15 managers of industrial companies, benefited from the speech of the Group Marketing & Communication Director, Daniele Testi, as well as commercial and operations team from RHM (the Group rail hub) and Hannibal (Contship operator for multimodal transport) to pose questions about the current and future trends of the industry.

After the first part of the visit, held in Contship headquarter offices, the group has been brought to the yard, to see from close distance the operations and the new 100.000 sqm area, opened in April. RHM is offering market the handling capacity of 300,000 TEU and 7,000 Trains year which will be further improved up to 500,000 TEU and 9,000 trains/year following the purchase of 3 new RTG to serve the new 4 x 750 m length rail tracks. 


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