12 February 2015

Da Gioia Tauro nuovi servizi ferroviari per il Sud

As the new networks establish themselves, USA links are now well under-way with 4 weekly departure each to the East Coast and Gulf Coasts, already despatched, the first of the Asia – Med links will arrive shortly. With all new network calls arriving and departing MCT on time, the terminal is readying itself for newly invigorated rail services for South Italy markets.


Providing tangible alternatives, the Gioia Tauro gateway will offer a link to / from main arterial West –East markets to local destinations, ensuring both consumers and industry and manufacturing have a safe, fast and efficient access for their supply chain needs. Regular train connections to key locations, Bari and NOLA inland port, that acts as a conduit both for the Naples conurbation and Rome, are being prepared and are due to commence imminently.

Further enhancing the scope of services available to customers in MCT, Domenico Bagala, enthuses “ ….as we all are aware, the ships are already bigger, and only those ports that have the infrastructure will be able to serve them. In Gioia Tauro, the infrastructure is world class and we have no issues in operating the bigger ships, as recently evidenced with the arrival of a 16,600 TEUs ship. No problems at all. It is therefore natural to look towards these ships as also serving the South Italy market. Asia-Med transit times are best in class, ranging from 15, 23 and 28 days from the various Asian countries to MCT, with the return leg starting at 25 days. USA trades are also well placed with East Coast destinations benefiting from transit times from as little as 17 days and Gulf Coast 25 days, with Mexico being reached in 22 days. In saying this, there is one important ingredient – reliability. I am confident that the new rail links will provide positive benefits to the local markets”.

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