22 July 2019

CS Window - July 2019

At the time of writing Europe has just gotten over a record-breaking heatwave – but that’s not the hot topic we’d like to address in this issue. As we keep committed to delivering insights supporting your business activities, we’ve prepared a round-up dealing with “change”, a theme which has been moving our industry for quite some time, with no end in sight.

To address developments in the industry, Contship Italia Groups has introduced various changes during the past months, including business strategy, operations at terminals as well as intermodal services. We’re delighted to present you some updates about our recent activities in this newsletter.

Please enjoy reading this current issue. As usual, we look forward to receiving your feedback!




INSIDE THE INDUSTRY:  Uncharted waters in shipping – Changing business models and new regulations





“The only constant in life is change”, so the well-known saying goes. This oft-repeated phrase certainly holds true for the maritime and logistics industry. Over the last decade, the industry has undergone rapid change. Container lines reorganized alliances on a larger scale than ever before and consolidated in a whirlwind of deals, which has affected terminal operators and logistics companies around the world. Today, the main question for us all is: What’s next?


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INSIDE THE INDUSTRY:  New intermodal connections strengthen Ravenna's strategic position



TCR Terminal Container Ravenna Connectivity




The logistics industry is changing – and so is the small but efficient Terminal Container Ravenna (TCR). Part of the Contship Italia Group’s terminal network since 2002, the gateway on the Adriatic Sea (participated by Contship and Sapir) has developed into a strategic intermodal hub that plays an increasing role in trade between Italy and markets located in central and southern Europe. As more and more cargo originates in the region, TCR has expanded its service portfolio and offers additional connections for intermodal transport.


Read more about Ravenna's service portfolio here




INSIDE THE INDUSTRY:  Digitalisation drives La Spezia’s operations forward





The terminal landscape is rapidly transforming. Increased automation and technological innovation improve productivity through innovative IT and efficient transportation systems. Ports around the world are modernising and turn into smart facilities, and both the Port Authority of La Spezia and Contship have pulled all the stops to upgrade the port of La Spezia and LSCT into a state-of-the art facility.


Read more about La Spezia's digital transformation here




IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Vertical integration and added value: Contship's intermodal services for shipping companies


From the quay to final destination, from production plants to the ship: the vertical integration of logistic services offered to global shipping companies is one of the distinctive features of the Contship Italia Group's value proposition.

In the world of logistics, we often talk about vertical integration, value-added services and reliability. Working with partners who offer know-how for different segments of the logistics chain and add value with dedicated services to cater to the needs of customers and end users of the transport service, often leads to greater control about the quality and reliability of operations.




Click on the image to watch the interview with Mr. Andrea Bartolucci, Logistics and Transportation Manager for Cosco Shipping in Italy



Global shipping lines are well aware of the advantages that Contship’s integrated system holds in store for them. They appreciate the Group’s know-how as well as the capability to respond in a professional and effective manner to the evolving requests of the market.




Click on the image to watch the interview with Mr. Angelo Chiarlo, Country Head and General Manager for ONE in Italy



The testimonies of Mr. Angelo Chiarlo, Country Head and General Manager for ONE in Italy, and Mr. Andrea Bartolucci, Logistics and Transportation Manager for Cosco Shipping in Italy, make us proud and encourage us to continue to do our best in recognizing and meeting the needs of our customers, honouring the partnerships and continuously developing new solutions for the intermodal logistics sector.                                     


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A new General Manager at La Spezia Container Terminal

Contship Connectivity Tool adds a new graphic interface

Contship Ravenna: the Adriatic gateway for Egyptian grapes

Contship and SRM organized a logistics stakeholders focus groups

La Spezia: extension of Garibaldi pier kicks off

New intermodal connections for the Contship terminal in Ravenna

TCR joins ER.I.C Cluster mission

Brexit: Consequences on customs activities



The Gulf of La Spezia is tinged with magenta

La Spezia Container Terminal greets the Vienna Express

LSCT welcomes the YM Wellspring



Contship Terminal in Ravenna engaged in staff training

XIV Edition of the Contship Diary

Cecilia Eckelmann Battistello present at the "Incontri in Blu

LSCT joins Port Days 2019 initiative

Contship joins the XXXI Edition of the "Donne ad Alta Quota" Award

RHM opens doors to the public on the "Fiera delle Palme" 400th edition

La Spezia Container Terminal receives “Felix Industry” Award








Contship Italia Sustainability Report 2019

Contship Italia introduced its first Sustainability Report as part of its Non-Financial Declarations in 2018. This year’s update will bring new insights of the Group’s sustainable practices, monitoring of the CO2 emissions and energy consumptions, along with latest news on projects and initiatives that involve the company and the territories in which it operates.


Contship US and Asia Road Show 2019

Like every year, a Contship Italia Group delegation will be setting off for two roadshows in USA and Asia, respectively. The trip to the US will take place in the middle of September, whereas visits to the Far East are planned during the last ten days of October. Stay tuned to learn more about the roadshows!








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