5 February 2018

CS WINdow - February 2018

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Welcome to the first issue of CS WINdow in 2018! As usual, the Contship Italia Group’s newsletter will keep you informed about news and developments within the Group, coupled with insights into some of the industry’s hottest topics.



2017 was a year of big challenges. The market had to adapt to a shift of container alliances, leading to a huge concentration that in turn has affected the terminal landscape significantly – especially with regard to transhipment.

In addition, analysts claim that 2018 will see record deliveries of ultra-large containership newbuildings, with 10 giants above 14,000 TEU joining the fleet in January and February alone. Due to the cascading effect, Mediterranean gateways will surely experience those effects.

Looking ahead, numerous exciting developments have emerged: whether we are talking about large retailers entering the transport industry and revolutionising e-commerce, blockchain, or artificial intelligence, we can clearly state that the logistics industry will experience substantial transformation, even though it is too early to tell which projects will materialize.

Environmental and social topics related to the increasing need of a more sustainable growth will continue to gain traction on public and large corporation’s agendas. This is likely to result in an increased demand for rail freight, combined with low emission fuels road transports.

However, the only thing that is constant is change. Adapting to change is not enough though if you want to grow your business – you rather need to be in the driving seat. For this it helps to change your perspective. Think about doing things differently, you might be surprised of the good results you can achieve – saving time and money when routing your cargo via an alternative Southern Gatewaysuch as La Spezia or Ravenna, for example.

CS WINdow will continue to evolve to offer an increasing interesting reading experience so please feel free to contact us to highlight future topics or any comments to improve the official Contship media tool.


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Inside the Industry: Changing trade patterns in and out of Europe will continue in the Year of the Dog



As the early weeks of 2018 pan out, it is time to look at some of macro issues for global container trade and see if some of the trends we saw developing in 2017 will continue into the new year. There is no doubt the container shipping industry is becoming more concentrated and heading towards a scenario in which a small handful of dominant carriers can still dictate matters. But there is still healthy competition in most trades.  [...]

The global logistics chain has never been more interlocking and inter-dependent and there are trends emerging which will have a more fundamental long-term impact on the global container shipping market and logistics chain. These trends are predicted to intensify this year and beyond as the global economy benefits from its strongest period of growth for a decade.

Despite US recent issues on TTPI and trades agreement, the changing patterns will be most evident on the major trading lanes including Asia-Europe, Europe to the US and one of the most significant changes is the continuing growth of traffic from Asia through the southern gateway ports in the Mediterranean. With  [...]





Inside the Industry: Evolution of European ports catchment areas


For European ports, the tide is turning. In a market environment that is driven by fierce competition, the contest for market share is much more complex than it used to be. Today it is not just ports of the same range or multi-port gateway region, but it is rather ranges and multi-port gateway regions that are competing to serve the same markets.



As shipping line alliances have changed significantly in the recent months,trading patterns, ship sizes and transhipment options are developing quickly, too. Larger ships, less frequent calls and new alliances that comprise a higher tonnage volume lead to connectivity changes and rising costs for terminals, which have been gearing up to upgrade their infrastructure to accommodate larger vessels for quite a while. However, having the right [...]






Inside the Industry: Contship Italia Group results 2017



Contship Italia Group, Italy’s leading maritime container terminal and intermodal operator, recorded a 1.3% overall decrease in handling volumes in 2017 compared to 2016, despite strong performances at its La Spezia, Salerno and Tangier operations.

Whilst market demand for Contship’s Gateway terminals with access to Italy, South and Central Europe continues to increase (+13.2%, +232,000 TEU), transhipment activities resulted in a 6.8% decrease (-315,000 TEU) year-on-year. At the same time [...]







In the Spotlight: Cargocare customer case


Which are the main benefits of the Southern Gateway options for Asian exporters and BCOs? What is the role of intermodal in the European supply chain? How do Contship integrated solutions help global partners reduce risk and optimize their logistics operations?

During the latest Road Show in Asia, Contship had the pleasure to host Mr. Michel Blanc, Managing Director of Cargocare (Taiwan), which offers freight forwarding links from China and Taiwan to destinations throughout Europe.

With Mr. Blanc, Daniele Testi (Contship Italia Marketing Director) discussed the benefits of the Southern Gateway option, from the point of view of the user.


Check out the short video to learn more.

Cargocare interview





Latest Updates



Special cargo: "Made in Italy” superconducting magnet in La Spezia



Contship at the Asian Logistics Maritime Conference



Ikea Italia hosts Ravenna delegation in Piacenza warehouse



Contship in Hong Kong for the SCLP Networking Mixer event



Oceanogate continues technical training of new recruits





Looking Ahead


Swiss Shippers' Council - Interlaken

On February 1st and 2nd, Contship will sponsor and participate in the Swiss Shippers' Council Conference in Interlaken, to continue to raise awareness about the integrated product developed in the last few years to provide Swiss operators with a viable, competitive and sustainable alternative to Northern European ports.

Click for more info.



Shipping, Forwarding and Logistics meet Industry - Milan

Contship will sponsor and participate in the second edition of the "Shipping, Forwarding & Logistics meet Industry" event (Milan, February 1st and 2nd), a great opportunity for industrial customers to meet old and new partners. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Click for more info.



Porto Lab Academy 2018 - Marina di Carrara

February 22-24 Marina di Carrara will host the 2018 Edition of the Porto Lab Academy, replicating the successful format recently tested in Ravenna, with a day dedicated to the training of Partners and Tutors, and a day dedicated to the community, with an open Symposium. 

You can join us in person in Marina di Carrara, or follow the event online, through Contship social network profiles. 

Click to learn more about the event. 



Green Logistics Expo - Padua

Contship will join the first edition of the "Green Logistics Expo" (Padua, March 7-9). In this innovative exibition, efficiency meets the environment: leaders of Intermodal Transport, Industrial Logistics, E-Commerce and Services for the Smart City gather for three days of networking and business development. Join us to discuss one of the hottest topics, within and outside the logistics sector. 

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