23 October 2019

CS Window - October 2019

This is a busy time of the year for us: we just finished a road show presenting the Southern Gateway Alternative in the US and are gearing up for this year’s edition of our road show in Asia.

However, offering you valuable insights about trends and developments in our industry remains one of our top priorities. For this issue, we have put together a summary of our white paper on the main challenges facing the Italian road haulage sector, which is packed with data and analyses.

On a different yet still related note, we have examined the latest figures for transalpine traffic between Italy and Switzerland and offer forecasts for future development.

Furthermore, we’ve explored China’s reasons to bet on rail freight for the success of its ambitious Belt and Road Initiative.

As always, you’ll also find an overview of our company’s latest news.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue. We look forward to hearing your feedback and are here to offer any further information you may wish to receive. 




INSIDE THE INDUSTRY: Italian trucking industry changes gear — Challenges & opportunities for road transport




Whilst trucking is the leading form of freight transportation in Italy, italian truckers are under pressure: an increasing driver shortage, high labour and operating costs, international competition and stricter emissions regulations are challenging the industry on an unprecedented scale. How can we work towards an efficient, profitable and sustainable future for commercial transport in Italy?


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INSIDE THE INDUSTRY: Europe chugs towards new intermodal opportunities...




Worldwide, many major economic regions rely on railways for freight transport: In Australia and the United States, for example, rail is king, with a market share between 40 and 50 percent. But this is not the case in Europe. Today, the rail freight market share here stands at meagre 17 percent. However, the signal for change has been set and the European rail renaissance is only just beginning.


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INSIDE THE INDUSTRY: ...While China sees rail freight as pivotal to the success of the Belt and Road Initiative


The emphasis on rail freight as a viable logistics solution on an intra-Europe scale is gaining momentum. But for many European companies and governments, a strong consensus is also building that rail will be a driver of the anticipated increase in trade with China and other east Asian markets.


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IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Managing Risk: Contship's intermodal solutions for US logistics operators




As the supply chain continues to grow in complexity, the industry is exposed broadly to more risks that impact operations. To reduce vulnerability, US operators are actively looking into combined transport utilising railway and truck connectivity and to facilitate a more balanced risk management.


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TCR attends Romagna Business Matching

New intermodal connection between and Milan-Melzo and Vienna

US shippers to benefit from LSCT Port-to-Door solutions

Contship Italia embarked the second US Roadshow in New York

TCR attends FARETE 2019 exhibition in Bologna

Another great performance by TCR team



SKF Delegation visits LSCT to discover Port Lab







Contship prepares to kick-off its 5th Asian Road Show

Contship commercial team will visit Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei and Singapore, to showcase to asian liners, shippers and cargo owners the benefits of the Southern Gateway system in terms of time and cost savings and risk management. 

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Contship Italia Sustainability Report 2018

Contship Italia introduced its first Sustainability Report as part of its Non-Financial Declarations in 2018. This year’s update will bring new insights of the Group’s sustainable practices, monitoring of the CO2 emissions and energy consumptions, along with latest news on projects and initiatives that involve the company and the territories in which it operates.

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