8 May 2018

CS WINdow - May 2018

Dear business partners, dear friends in the industry,

Welcome to the second issue of the CS WINdow in 2018! Contship Italia’s newsletter provides insights into some of the industry’s hottest topics and keeps you informed about news and developments within our Group.


Contship WINdow Cover May 2018


This issue is dedicated to the important topic of sustainability. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) set a milestone in mid-April by adopting an initial strategy on the reduction of GHG emissions from ships and presenting a vision to reduce GHG emissions from international shipping. We took this occasion to illustrate some of the key developments in terms of operating in a sustainable manner in our industry.

Sustainability does not just refer to the environment, even though this is a very important aspect. However, sustainable operations, following the agenda of the United Nation's sustainable goals, further include social aspects and the fact that operations are run in an economical manner. All these factors combined contribute to a better way of doing business without compromising future generations.

This seems particularly fitting as the Contship Italia has just completed its first ever Sustainability Report, which highlights Group’s commitment to sustainable business policies and best practices.

Please enjoy looking through the CS WINdow and please feel free to contact us should you wish to suggest future topics or provide any comments.


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Inside the industry: shipping is going green


Shipping is going green

Visualization of expected CO2  emissions across global shipping routes in 2035  (source: ITF)


After the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in mid-April reached a historic decision affecting to cut the global shipping sector’s greenhouse gases (GHG) by 2050, the shipping industry needs to get ready to drastically change current practices.

The 173 member states of the IMO agreed to cut greenhouse gas emissions by “at least” 50% by 2050 compared to 2008 while pursuing efforts towards phasing them out completely. These decisions put the shipping industry around the world and regardless of their ships’ flag state under pressure to act accordingly. At the same time provide the regulations provides much needed guidelines for shipowners’ and operators’ future actions. [...]

To comply with these new regulations, the shipping industry has to apply innovative measures. For a long time, the use of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) has been hailed as the best option to meet the IMO’s global sulphur cap. Because LNG is almost pure methane, the application of using a gas-only engine can reduce SOx emissions and particulate matter by almost 100% compared to conventional fuel oil, according to IMO. However, there is a catch  [...]


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Inside the industry: on the road to technological revolutions


Liquified Natural Gas heavy trucks and distribution center

Liquified Natural Gas heavy trucks and distribution center


Globalisation has led to global supply chains that often involve many stakeholders across the world in complex relationships. For supply chain managers who aim to run their operations in a sustainable manner, this leads to various challenges - and many opportunities, as technology makes constant progress.

For starters, each transport links of the supply chain has to run in a sustainable manner itself. Analysts have claimed that there are plenty of options to make shipping and terminal operations more sustainable (read more), and with the IMO's latest agreement of capping greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2050 this initiative has finally found a regulatory framework (read more). However, there are plenty of opportunities for overland transportation and in fact the entire supply chain, to operate in a sustainable manner which makes for a holistic concept. [...] 


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Inside the industry: sustainable ports – no longer a vision of the future


Eurogate Hamburg wind turbines

Eurogate Hamburg wind turbines


In today’s world, business is not just about earning money anymore. Companies have realised that their mission goes beyond their core business and rather includes taking responsibility for the social and environmental effects of their activities as well.

Sea port operators are a prime example for this development. Because they play an important role in local communities, they are turning more and more to the concept of operating as a “sustainable port”. This concept aims to reduce a port’s impact on the environment, operate sustainably and address impacts on society, whilst also emphasising the economic viability of port strategies. [...]

One of the most visible part of this programme is the environmental aspect. The movement of cargo from A to B is attached to pollution from vessel and cargo handling and to congestion from the use of hinterland transport networks, which are often linked to negative impacts of infrastructure developments and operations in ports.   [...] 

One way for ports to balance environmental challenges with economic performance, is to engage in innovation and research [...] 


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In the spotlight: Contship Italia’s Sustainability Report


Aerial view of Contship Medcenter Container Terminal yard and quay

Aerial view of Contship Medcenter Container Terminal yard and quay


In response to a growing recognition that the maritime sector must play a greater role in the future long-term sustainability of the global economy, Contship Italia has produced its first ever Sustainability Report.

The report (which will be shortly available on www.contshipitalia.com) lays out the group’s commitment to sustainable business policies and practises and elaborates on the very real ways it is now contributing towards a better tomorrow for future generations.

Contship Italia Group is committed to developing long-term sustainable supply-chain solutions by enhancing and mitigating port activity and the impact this has around the world as well as championing a more intense use of “smart” intermodal transport for the “port to door” and “continental” transport processes.

Cecilia Eckelmann Battistello, writing in the report, notes the issue of sustainability is climbing to the top of businesses’ strategic agendas.

“Companies acknowledge more than ever before that their mission goes beyond their core business to include taking responsibility for the social and environmental effects of their activities,” she says.

For Contship group, sustainability has always been a question of efficiency - a set of practices and investments in staff training, process, continuous improvement and economic resources, to be competitive and to grow along with the regions and communities where Contship invests most heavily.

She also says the first sustainability report is an opportunity to take stock of where the group is now in terms of these vital strategic long-term goals.

“We trust it will give all the group’s stakeholders a clearer picture of Contship’s diverse initiatives over many years backed by a strong product offering in the terminal-container and intermodal-transport arenas, all in the pursuit of ever more sustainable growth,” she says.

The report sets out Contship’s priorities on its journey towards sustainability.


They include:

  -  A commitment to sustainable logistics through innovating goods distribution processes in line with changing market demand;

  -  Comprehensive energy efficiency;

  -  Monitoring and containing environmental pressures including noise pollution, atmospheric emissions, discharges and waste product;

  -  Safeguarding air quality;

  -  Partnering with other organisations for continuous improvement and to spread best practises;

  -  Devising and developing projects to benefit communities and local areas in which Contship operates;

  -  Putting employees and their families and the work-life balance the centre of Contship’s core values.


The report has key chapters on economics, social policy and environment and Contship lays out a series of initiatives which combine to make up the group’s overall commitment to becoming a truly sustainable enterprise.

In a chapter on environment, Contship records that its maritime terminals were among the first in the container shipping industry to adopt integrated quality, safety and environmental management systems; they are certified to the ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO14001 standards and monitored for effectiveness in regular third-party audits.

Full AEO Certification

It reveals that sustainability lies at the heart of a major expansion project now under way at La Spezia Container Terminal - LSCT, enabling the group to handle ever-growing volumes more efficiently and sustainably in day-to-day operations while enjoying added environmental benefits.

“An array of innovative high-energy efficiency equipment has been installed, and the internal network of rail tracks and sidings will also be implemented, to boost rail volumes to up to 50% of quay traffic,” the report says.

Safeguarding air quality is another key priority in the sustainable operation of Contship’s business.

“We are reducing our carbon footprint by investing in quality transport and the best technology on the market. Intermodal goods transport combines various modes (sea, rail and road) to optimise the carriage of goods and containers from origin to destination, thus reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.”

Employee engagement and developing a ‘One Team’ family atmosphere is also integral to building sustainable work practises, the report points out.

The report argues that the group’s success hinges on sharing and disseminating Contship culture and values: the watchwords are communication and commitment. Every Contship subsidiary now has a service support desk for its employees, it notes.

“This is a coordinated network of helpdesks that handle welfare services and internal communications by using local and group-level tools, sharing know-how and good practices, and offering easy access to personal and professional information” - it adds.


Read the news and learn more about Contship Italia best practices




Latest updates: INNOVATION

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Latest updates: PERFORMANCE

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Latest updates: CUSTOMERS & PARTNERS

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Latest updates: EVENTS

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Looking ahead: Terminal Container Ravenna exibiting at Macfrut


Macfrut 2018


On May 9-11 TCR will join Macfrut in Rimini. Macfrut is a unique international event, dedicated to the entire fruit and vegetable industry, from professionals involved in production and trade, to logistics, packaging, machinery and technology suppliers.

Read the news and learn more.



Looking ahead: TCR at the Romagna Business Matching event in Cesena



Contship Terminal Container Ravenna will be among the gold sponsors of the first Romagna Business Matching event, that will take place in Cesena on May 18th 2018.

Click to discover more (ITALIAN)



Looking ahead: Contship Asia Summer Tour 2018



This summer, Contship La Spezia Container Terminal will embark in a new tour to Asia for one-to-one customers' meetings; after three years of successes in exploring new business development opportunities.

Would you like to learn more?  Get in touch for more info.





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