24 March 2016

Cresce il potenziale del TCR con l’ allungamento della zona operativa di banchina

Terminal Container Ravenna (TCR) is pleased to announce the completion of the civil works for the elongation of an additional 50 meters of the quay crane rail tracks. 


Following the agreement with the local Port Authority, the concession boundaries of TCR now include the newly refurbished stretch of berth, previously under the management of other neighboring companies.

Fitted at the south end of the berth, the tracks supplement now brings to 700 meters the total operational length of the quay. TCR may now provide two continuous berths (2-3) for a combined length of 411 meters – capable of accommodating either two ships simultaneously with a LOA of about 200 meters each or, alternatively, one ship in excess of 300 meters. A third berth (1) can accommodate another ship of 210 meters of LOA.



“The tracks lengthening” – comments Milena Fico (TCR Director and General Manager) – “significantly improves the potential of TCR’s berth. Today, options are either to operate more ships simultaneously or to deploy a greater number of STS cranes on bigger ships. Our terminal has significantly enhanced its operational flexibility, meaning our valued customers are provided with more berth opportunities and higher crane intensity, fundamental trait in a scenario where ship capacity deployed in the Adriatic is growing”.

The completion of the quay crane tracks extension is a further step forward in the TCR investment program, commenced in 2014 with the 8 million Euro upgrade of two STS cranes to the post-panamax standard, and set to continue with the delivery of 3 new RMGs – a 10 million Euro order awarded to Liebherr Cranes, to be delivered by the end of 2016.

“TCR Ravenna – adds Milena – continues to invest to constantly enhance its operational standards and confirm its role as the Italian Adriatic gateway for the East Med and beyond.”


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