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19 January 2015

Contship: primi ad accogliere le navi 2M in Italia

Melzo (Milan), 19th January 2015 – The market’s eagerly awaited launch of new networks and partnerships in 2015 is now with us.


Whilst attention may have been at its highest for the Asia – Mediterranean Trades, the Mediterranean to USA networks are the first physical calls in Mediterranean ports, whilst the Asia – Mediterranean networks are now commencing their voyages in Asian ports.

Medcenter Container Terminal (MCT), the Group’s mega-transhipment hub and La Spezia Container Terminal (LSCT), regional gateway in North Italy, Southern Europe and beyond are privileged to be amongst the first terminals to operate calls on behalf of the 2M (namely East – West) network.

The ZAMBIA departed MCT January 16th, being the debut call in Italy for 2M, kicking off the network. The ship is deployed in the Mediterranean – US Gulf string and is followed by the SEALAND ILLINOIS serving the Mediterranean to US East Coast ports. LSCT steps up today with the ZAMBIA berthed early morning on Fornelli East, followed by the SEALAND ILLINOIS. Both terminals have been gearing up to ensure a reliable service to the new networks, including 2M.

MCT Managing Director, Domenico Bagalà comments “…. given the word class infrastructure here in Gioia Tauro the usual focus is on ULCC ships and high volume transhipment, whether this be relay to other network strings and/or pure transhipment to connecting ships.  But here, I am happy to note that our customers are highlighting the benefits of serving local markets in South Italy, something that is not always recognized, as MCT is well located to serve both import and export traffic regionally: Bari, Sicily, Naples and its’ extensive hinterland even as far as Rome using rail connections. MCT has always handled local traffic, but clearly transhipment dominates as we shall see in the new networks when the first Asia –Mediterranean calls arrive shortly…”

Michele Giromini, LSCT Managing Director, adds “ …we thank the 2M network to including the La Spezia System in its’ planning and offer a warm welcome return to Maersk Line direct services between La Spezia and the USA. It is a privilege to count on the world’s top shipping lines to be amongst our valued customers here in LSCT.  In the North Tyrrhenian port range, there is a choice of port calls from which the market may select. Why La Spezia? We like to think that it is all about the ability to serve multiple markets, consistent performance and reliability not only to the ship but also and most vitally to the cargo. The La Spezia System does not overlook this important element. Cargo flows through the System and we are now adding to the number of weekly trains in 2015 compared to 2014. It is well known that the actual market of origin and destination is not in the local city ports, but in the hinterland behind the ports. The La Spezia System extends north, south into the Italian import consumer and export markets as well as Switzerland and beyond. I am sure, like all of our valued customers, that the 2M network will be able to take advantage of what La Spezia provides in the market to support its’ own evolution with reliable and fast transit times to its’ customers “.

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