13 December 2018

Contship, in partnership with SRM presents the first report on logistics corridors efficiency

The Italian economic system, which is heavily relying on manufacture and export, witnessed a reduction in growth rate compared to the last two years and compared to the average growth rate of other countries in the Euro area, as reported in the monthly note on Italian economic trends, published last september by Istat.


While performance of the service sector is stable, export demand and labor productivity decreased. The efficiency of logistics corridors to reach and compete on international markets used by Italian manufacturing companies, has a relevant impact on the competitiveness of products, and is  a key element to boost productivity, which is often overlooked. .

In addition to these factors, growing concerns on the effects of climate change that are increasing risk of disruption of local supply chains is emerging. Transport and logistics is estimated to be responsible for about 14% of all greenhouse gas emissions (source: IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – Lteconomy.it).

As an independent logistics operator, Contship continues to promote infrastructural development to support connectivity in ports and intermodal hubs, with the ultimate goal of moving towards a more efficient and environmentally sustainable logistics model, based on a wider adoption of rail alternatives for freight transport.


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Tied to this topic, Contship Italia Group, in partnership with SRM – Studi e Ricerche per il Mezzogiorno - is publishing the first analysis on logistics corridors efficiency for containerized cargo, seen by the eyes of manufacturing industries from the three main Italian exporting regions: Lombardia, Emilia Romagna and Veneto. The report offers a quantitative analysis, with two ambitions:

  • Progressively extend the panel to other Italian regions, to transform the report into a permanent look-out
  • Simplify the “sentiment” using a new index named QIL2 (quality Logistics Italian Index).

In 2019, Contship Italia Group celebrates 50 years of activity; the goal of the action is to stimulate an open debate on the role of ports and intermodal transport in Italy, aware that an integrated and systemic vision shared among all the value-chain actors, is necessary to pursue a sustainable social and economic growth.

Daniele Testi – Contship Italia Marketing and Corporate Communications Director – comments: “We are proud of the project developed in partnership with SRM; it is yet another opportunity to improve the mutual understanding of  the logistics and  industrial sectors.

Analyzing and learning more about the strengths and weaknesses of each regional logistics system is essential to identify priorities and opportunities in developing a logistics offer that is increasingly integrated, effective and fitting for the needs of end users”.

Alessandro Panaro, SRM’s Maritime & Mediterranean Economy Director, adds: “the synergies we have with Contship are strategic for a research center like SRM, which is strongly oriented to giving maritime professionals quality insight, facts and figures that can also have a strong practical significance to readers.”



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