22 June 2015

Contship organizza per PoseidonMED un workshop sull'LNG

Contship Headquarters in Melzo host a PoseidonMED workshop organized in collaboration with La Spezia Port Authority and SOS LOGistica.


Wednesday July 1st Contship Headquarters in Melzo (MI) will host a workshop organized in collaboration with La Spezia Port Authority and the association SOS LOGistica (www.sos-logistica.org/en/) within the framework of the European project PoseidonMED.

The goal of the meeting will be the sharing, among participants, of data and evaluations about the impact of LNG adoption on the logistic systems of Mediterranean countries in the period 2015-2025. During the previous stage of the project, two critical aspects have been identified, regarding the development of significant infrastructural investments and the orientation of operators’ decisions, on both the dupply side (hauliers) and the demand side (loaders).

During the workshop, participants will be divided, according to their background, skills and interest, between two panels; focusing on one of the two critical aspects. At the end of the day, the two panels will be reunited and will share the insights emerged during the session. These are the two main themes chosen for the panels:

  • Supply and distribution of LNG in Italy
  • Investments in transport, supply and demand evaluation

Contship Italia Group is proud to sustain this project, together with partners and institutions participating to the PoseidonMED project: the final goal is clearly opening up new discussions and collaborations among the main actors operating in the field, a necessary condition to boost a smart “system” innovation, more and more oriented towards economical and environmental sustainability.


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