7 July 2020

Contship Italia, in partnership with Fondo Scuola, donates Safety Kits and School Diaries

Contship Italia Group supports Fondo Scuola association, making 500 sets available to schools, consisting of a Contship Diary and Porto Lab safety kit.


Fondo Scuola Italia is a non-profit association established in Milan in 2015 with the aim of building, in a subsidiary perspective, a strong and long-lasting link between school and business.

The association acts as a bridge between schools and companies making companies' offered goods and services available free of charge to some Italian schools.

Contship Italia Group has therefore decided to continue the Porto Lab Project, in a particularly complex year for schools, extending the project to the whole national territory and providing a small contribution to support the families and young students of our schools.

Contship contribution consists of 500 Porto Lab sets, which include the 2020-2021 Contship Diary and Porto Lab Kit (backpack bag, helmet and reflective bib).

Reading the pages of the 2020-2021 Contship Diary, girls and boys will discover the world of energy through experiments and observations.


On 1 September, after examining the participation forms received, Fondo Scuola commission, set up by President Bruno Mario Ferrari, resolved on the basis of the criteria of the need and commitment to reward the following schools:


  • Enrico Bondi primary school in Rome
  • Marconi primary school in Castel di Iudica (Catania)
  • Alessandro Manzoni primary school in Mirano (Venice)
  • Di Seguro primary school in Settimo Milanese (Milan)
  • B. Partenio secondary school 1st gr. in Spilimbergo (Pordenone)


The Contship Italia Group immediately took action to organize the deliveries of the Porto Lab kits to the winning schools.


What is Porto Lab?

The Porto Lab project was born in 2006 to tell about what happens in ports: a world that, for security reasons, is closed and inaccessible, and therefore little known.

In recent years, 950 classes and 24,000 children accompanied by their teachers have experienced the world of ports and intermodal centers as protagonists for a day. Every year 2,000 children, equipped with a helmet, personalized pass and high visibility fluorescent jacket, visit the terminals of the Contship Italia group accompanied by the Porto Lab Tutors.

The Contship Diary is a project connected to Porto Lab which is distributed in approximately 10,000 copies every year.

In each edition of the Diary, great attention is paid to the characters used in the explanatory texts (made with a highly legible font), to the graphic division of the months and to the space available for writing.

Find out more about the Porto Lab project on the website: www.portolab.it

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