26 June 2016

Contship Italia partecipa con Hannibal e Sogemar ai Ten-T Days 2016

At the event there were more than 2000 guests including Ministers, Members of the European Parliament, associations and operators, to talk about investments in the transport sector.


The 2016 edition of the Ten-T days were held in Rotterdam from 20th to 22nd June, focusing on how to boost funding and financing of European transport infrastructure; among participants, Contship Italia Group representatives Nicolò Marrali (Hannibal) and Francesca Spatafora (Sogemar).

Hannibal, the Group multimodal transport operator, was present at Gasfin/Liquimet booth as a partner, providing intermodal transport services for the transport of the 20” and 40” ISO tanks converted into LNG mobile filling stations. The first two mobile stations using the 20” and 40” ISO tanks will be located at the inland port of Padua and at the intermodal hub Rail Hub Milano in Melzo, Contship logistic platform providing extended access to North Italy, South, Central and North Europe.

Contship Italia has been involved in the Gainn_It project, as the implementing body of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation, to develop the design of a filling station for land transport located near the intermodal hub in Melzo.

Sogemar, in partnership with LSCT, promoted the project WiderMos to connect Motorways of the Sea and Ten-T core network corridors. Sogemar is in charge of the design, development and technologies testing to implement a customs corridor controlled by La Spezia and Melzo RHM. The project concluded at the end of 2015 and was managed by the Project Coordinator Ing. Federica Montaresi from the Port Authority of La Spezia.

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