10 March 2021

Contship Italia continues its commitment to protecting employees from the Covid-19 epidemic

Another free screening campaign has been launched for all employees of the group


As the emergency situation linked to the Covid-19 pandemic persists, the Contship Italia Group has decided to launch a new screening campaign through rapid tests with antigenic swabs for all employees of the Group and subsidiaries, located in Melzo and La Spezia offices.

This campaign, completely free for employees and on a voluntary basis, joins a series of screening and prevention campaigns, which the group has implemented over the last 6 months, starting with the return to work after the summer break.

These initiatives have already proven effective in promptly identifying new cases of positivity (also related to the new variants of the virus), allowing to trace contacts and avoid the onset of potential outbreaks within the company.

The antigenic swabs will be carried out, as in previous times, in spaces dedicated and equipped for the purpose, detached but located near the offices in Melzo and La Spezia, in order to make the procedure quick, safe, and easy for all employees.

The tests are carried out with the support of accredited laboratories and the results are available in a few minutes; this allows the staff to return to work immediately (in case of negativity) or to undergo a further confirmation test, by means of a molecular swab, and then proceed, in case of positivity, with the precautionary home quarantine.

On Wednesday 10 March, the trade union officials of FILT-FIT-UILT Lombardia will also come to the Melzo site and undergo the rapid test, in order to raise awareness of prevention.


Matthieu Gasselin, CEO of Sogemar, said: "This screening campaign once again demonstrates the group's commitment, firstly, to preserving the health of staff and, secondly, to ensuring our business operations in safety and efficiency for our customers. I also thank the trade union representatives for joining and encouraging the initiative among Melzo employees ".

Alfredo Scalisi, CEO of LSCT, added: "I would like to thank all my colleagues who, every time, go out of their way to organize and manage these screening operations, which are strategic, in terms of prevention and control of the epidemic. Special thanks also go to all employees who join this company initiative, understanding its importance and overcoming the understandable physical discomfort associated with the swabbing procedure."

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