5 July 2016

Contship: Il vostro Partner di Prima Scelta in Italia – La Vostra anima VGM, il vostro Team VGM, la vostra Bandiera VGM

July 1st saw the introduction of new worldwide legislation, changing in many respects the supply chain process. The subject has generated substantial and contrasting views. Some controversial. Irrespective of anything, the ultimate objective of improving safety should not be overlooked.


Italy, like many countries, finalized its national implementation regulations at a late stage – Contship businesses were obliged to address and change plans on a number of occasions in order to respond to the needs of the Italian supply chain.

Michael Cashman, Commercial Director Marine Terminals explains “Finally July 1st has come and gone. It may be described in a similar way to the “Y2K” events, some sixteen years ago. Now, as it was then, Contship Group has responded to the challenges in support of the supply chain. Processes have been adapted, systems updated, where needed, infrastructure provided all targeted with one single objective: Maintaining the safety, efficiency and competitiveness of Italian exporters. As we now commence the second week of a new era, after experiencing little drama overall during the first days, the individual arrangements established in each location are up and running, without any structural shortcomings. It is satisfying to know, that once again, our people have risen to the challenge in working extended hours, working with all stakeholders to ensure that exports continue to flow. Customer service, ship-planning, documentation and IT services have stepped up, and for each terminal, this is “business as usual” … we are here to serve. During the coming period, as the situation stabilizes, a further review of processes will be made. In the meantime, should there be any doubt, all terminals are managing the new era as expected, without any major constraints in support of the Italian supply chain….”

Please meet some of Your VGM Team, carrying Your VGM flag, ensuring Your VGM Soul – Contship Italia Group – One Flag, One Team, One Soul!


The CICT team



Operations and Planning - CICT



The MCT team


Customer Service - MCT


The TCR team


Ship Co-ordination team - TCR


The LSCT team


Customer Service - LSCT

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