11 February 2016

Contship con WiderMoS per collegare le Autostrade del Mare e la rete di corridoi strategici TEN-T

In continuing to drive positive change in Italy, the Group’s individual businesses are committed to optimizing the long term benefits of the EU sponsored WiderMoS project, intended as the platform under which the landside movement of freight progresses seamlessly from ships and port systems.


One of the many elements of the WiderMoS project is eSeal technology, supported by real-time track and trace capability.

Stefano Morelli, Sogemar Customs & Warehouses Director, explains: “Contship vertically integrated businesses are ideally placed to be at the forefront of trials involving preparing for today and tomorrow. We are already able to move freight seamlessly from ship to final destination and vice versa, given that we manage the terminal in the port, the train shunting, the train itself, inland rail hubs and the final mile delivery and collection services. The processes to enable this have already changed, substantially, in recent years and now this latest technology will further enhance security, efficiency, inventory planning and data processing in the supply chain both at the commercial level and at the institutional level. A number of eSeals were placed on containers in the port and then dispatched inland providing real time 24/7 monitoring and reporting, from a single source, removing the elements of duplication of effort in the total process. The results will be forwarded and reviewed within the WiderMOS Project Management, with initial results suggesting that this technology will provide value in the supply chain”.

Contship Italia Group directly operates in the ports of La Spezia, Gioia Tauro, Cagliari, Ravenna, Salerno, Tangier and in the multimodal inland port of Milan, Melzo.

Contship vertically integrated transport solutions are provided through numerous directly owned businesses, that further extend the geographical scope in connecting additional ports in Italy. Contship offers a vast network of rail and road connections between the main Italian ports and the key economic regions and markets in Italy, and extending into South, Central and North Europe.

In 2015, Contship container terminals operated some 6,600 ship calls, handling 6.3 million TEUs (Twenty Equivalent Unit). The Group Intermodal & Logistics companies transported 247,000 TEUs, with the rail traction company operating 1.1 million train-kilometers and its major multimodal inland port platform in Milan, handling capability in excess of 7,000 block trains.


Contship: Ready for the Future, Today


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