15 February 2016

Continua l’impegno TCR per la Sicurezza sul Lavoro

Terminal Container Ravenna, Contship Italia Group Adriatic gateway, recently took part to a workshop about safety on the workplace organized for RLS – Representatives of the Workers for Safety, RSPP – Responsibles of the Prevention and Protection Service, ASPP – Employees assigned to the Prevention and Protection Service and Port Authorities operators.


The event, held on Friday February 5th in the conference room of Ravenna Port Authority, was titled “The management of interferences and issues related to the legislative decree 231/01”; it has been promoted by Ente Bilaterale Nazionale Porti, in partnership with Ravenna Port Authority and the Italian National School of Transport and Logistics, and was also attended by representatives of ASSITERMINAL, ASSOPORTI, ASSOLOGISTICA, FISE, FILT CGIL, FIT CISL and UILTRASPORTI.

TCR participated with Milena Fico (General Manager), Federico Masotti (ASPP), Michele Eviani (RSPP) and Alessandro Battolini (Operations Director).

Among the topics debated in the morning, the compilation of the technical documents used to evaluate the risks generated by operations interference for quay loading and unloading activities, the specificities related to the different port typologies, the administrative responsibilities, the regulatory framework and the different activities of the representatives within national and communitary round tables.

Among the experts, presenting technical keynotes, Daniele Ciulli, HSSQE Coordinator for Contship Italia Group Maritime Terminals, who intervened in his role of Chairman of Feport Environmental Safety Security WG, to showcase the work done at the European level to diminish the risk associated with quay operations and, in general, reduce interferences between different terminal activities.

During the afternoon, the debate continued with a round table which provided participants with the opportunity to discuss their experience relatively to the topic of the day, highlighting the peculiarities of the terminal activities performed within the Port of Ravenna, while considering similarities and differences in comparison to other Italian and international ports.

Contship Italia Group and TCR – Terminal Container Ravenna prove once again how much attention is dedicated to the issue of terminal operations safety and how important is considered the full compliance with all current regulations. The continuous research of innovative solutions, capable of improving safety standards, is at the same time oriented at providing clients with high quality services, capable of matching the needs of a market which is constantly looking for more effective and efficient solutions.

The interventions by Michele Eviani and Daniele Ciulli showed how deeply intertwined the topic of safety and the continuous improvement of port operations are for the Contship Italia Group, and how they should be dealt with following an integrated approach, aiming at improving simultaneously both safety and operational standards.


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