2 April 2016

Continua anche nel 2016 l’impegno CICT per la missione Caritas di Dolores (Guatemala)

For the third consecutive year Cagliari International Container Terminal (CICT) has taken active part in supporting an important humanitarian initiative which sees many Sardinian communities donate much desired medical supplies and basic clothing to people in need in the state of Guatemala. 


On Easter Day, the container was loaded onto m/v Seaspan Chiwan, deployed in the Med-Pacific Service, linking the Mediterranean with Caribbean destinations, Central America and West Coast North America and South America. Once it is discharged in Cartagena, the container will then continue its journey via truck towards its final destination – the mission located in Dolores, Pèten, the poorest region in the country.  

CICT, alongside shipping line Hamburg Sued (container), Gruppo Grendi Trasporti (truck) and Cincotta Feeder Ferry Agency (logistics), all contributed  their services ‘’free of charge”. A display of team work, with each party involved contributing with its own compentences - a trait typical of the terminal operator business where cooperation and coordination are fundamental.    

A special mention for Father Alberto of the Domenican youth center in Selargius (a district in Cagliari), the man responsible for this elven year old project, an initiative which has required hard work and determination but which is now bringing some relief to the inhabitants of the mission.


To all of the people who have donated funds and goods loaded into the container, or to anyone who has contributed somehow to the positive result – a special thank you to all of you. 

For the complete details of the container story please follow the link: http://www.predicazione.it/missioni/Storia_container/storia_del_container.html


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